I wanted to write a blog post, but inspiration seemed a little thin on the ground. I thought I’d try rolling the dice with a creative commons search on Flickr, and I ended up with this handsome chap strutting across some pavement. Sadly, magnificent as he is, he failed to provide much in the way of motivation, but here I am.… Read more →


I thought I was reading Jeff Vogel’s blog because I’m considering playing Avernum, but it could be because I want to make things again.


Spruced up the design a bit, and I found it can do these nice microblog-style “aside” posts. Going to find a way to automatically cross-post these post types to Twitter, I think.

Shakespearean sonnets, remixed

Last week, Matt the Suited Librarian challenged me to write a bit of code to automagically generate Shakespearean sonnets. Well, perhaps challenged is a bit strong — the idea came up in conversation, and I leapt at the idea. It’s been a while since I coded anything new. First of all, I had to find a complete collection of Shakespeare’s sonnets,… Read more →