The pint-sized terror

I’ve been playing Guild Wars 2 for the last month or so. I was casting about for a fantasy theme park MMO, and it seemed to fit the bill. I actually picked up GW2 years ago when it first launched, but it never really managed to pull me away from World of Warcraft. I was playing a warrior, and it just never felt really good, despite the many, many features which I loved.

When I started again, I rolled a new character, an Asura necromancer, and almost immediately fell in love with it. I level capped her this weekend, making her my only MMO level capped character outside of WoW.

I’ve been running her with daggers and focus, and using wells to inflict conditions, pulse for damage, and steal life. That, combined with an ever-so-creepy bone fiend minion, and runes of vampirism on all my gear, has made her very durable. I can’t overstate how evil and cruel the necromancer class is. A typical combat involves her using Reaper’s Touch to give herself health regeneration and to inflict vulnerability on her opponent. Her Well of Corruption and Well of Darkness then inflict further vulnerability, blind and chill foes, all the while also leaching their life and topping up hers. Meanwhile, she stabs them repeatedly with a dagger. Critical hits steal more health, inflict bleeding, and cause explosions of flame.

It’s incredibly cruel, and very, very satisfying.

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