Diablo III: Progress report I

Level 65 Monk
Damage: 146,141
Toughness: 1,713,810
Recovery: 52,824

I just picked up my softcore monk again, and intend to make him my Diablo 3 “main”. He’s already completed all of the Campaign, so I started running Adventure mode bounties to reach the level cap, and to feel out a difficulty level that felt right.

When I first selected him, he was set to “Hard” difficulty, only one notch about the easiest setting, and that seemed too easy, so I bumped up to “Expert”. Again, too easy — I was running along on autopilot. Obviously my end goal is to reach Torment VI, but I had this huge mental block about playing on Torment; it seemed like something I’d never quite be good enough for. But I clicked Torment I just to see how tough it could be.

It wasn’t. I had to pay a more attention to champion packs, but it was very playable. Torment VI might not be so insurmountable after all! After a few bounties, I was feeling over-confident. This is too easy! I bumped the difficulty up to Torment III — half-way to the end goal!

I got crushed. Not even by a champion pack, but by regular Joe zombies. Even pulling out all the stops, it was like hitting a brick wall. So I dropped down to Torment II. Doable, with planning and attention. With some level 70 gear, appropriately gemmed and enchanted, I’m now pretty confident I can work my way up the Torment ladder.


Level 56 Crusader HardcoreSeasonal
Damage: 23,719.4
Toughness: 404,756
Recovery: 27,708

I also created a Crusader, just to try the class out — and if you’re going to do that, why not make it a Hardcore Seasonal character, too? I’ve been heavily inspired by Hamlet’s writing on playing Harcore mode, and thought it might be interesting to start unlocking account-wide things there. I ran her through the entire campaign, playing on Hard, and then Expert, finishing up at level 56. There were only three moments when I thought I might lose her, and they were all down to hubris and letting my attention drift. If I’m going to learn anything from Hardcore, I’ll have to play on a harder setting.

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