Cog in the machine

Rixx Jarvix, pirate extraordinaire, recently made this post over on EVEOGANDA expressing gratitude for the industrialists of EVE:

I’ve always had a tremendous amount of respect for those players that choose to be the builders, the traders, the miners, the workers in Eve. It is often a hard choice and one full of its own set of dangers. And excitement. And achievement. Not everything in Eve boils down to killboard stats.

[…] I just wanted to raise my cup to all of you. Full-timers, part-timers, strugglers, traders, builders, mission-runners, transporters, and every other stripe and creed. You are all an important and significant part of the circle that keeps the machine running.

This was especially nice to hear from Rixx, as my highest SP character is a member of ABA’s industrial arm, Lucifer’s Hammer. He works on blueprints and mines the ores that become the minerals that build at least some of the things that Stay Frosty use when they’re out being the scourge of lowsec. He’s not getting on any killboards, but there’s a chance that the ammo  or modules built with his minerals will get someone killed on his behalf.

Mining is Lucifer’s Hammer is much different to how things were in my previous corporation, which lived out in Sov null. There, I would fleet up, arrive at a belt and slurp up the most profitable rock, then sell it to the corp and that would be the end of it — as a line member miner I had no real idea what happened to the ore or minerals from that point onwards.

Lucifer’s Hammer is much more socially involved. I can see the corp wallet and transactions. We talk about what we’re researching and producing and why. As a corporation we monitor and stock the market where Stay Frosty are based. The asteroids I choose to mine are those that provide minerals in the ratios and quantities that match what we’re making, which are not necessarily the most profitable in raw ISK value.

The mining itself is still largely solitary, but there’s now a social story behind it. I could just be mining and refining and selling what I produce at a trade hub, but by contracting them to the corporation for internal use, I know I’m making some small difference in the way the game is played for people all across my alliance: being a part of the circle that keeps the machine running.

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