EVE: Manufacturing for fun (but not much profit)

I understand the fallacy that mining and producing your own minerals is not free. They are only free if you ignore the time it took to acquire them from the asteroid belts, and the ISK they would generate if you sold them at market values. You see a lot of items priced so that once material prices are taken into account, the profit margins are minimal or even non-existent, even with well-researched blueprints.

So why is the Minmatar manufacturing an Astero this weekend, from minerals I’ve mined myself, when it would be cost-effective to just buy a finished hull from the market?

Well, essentially just for the fun of it, and so I can say, I made this whenever the Caldari is out exploring in it. I got a pretty good deal on a contract auction for the BPC, and the Minmatar has been on a huge mining kick recently, so I can spare the minerals.

Astero art print, by Rixx Javix

Cost analysis

Winning bid on auctioned blueprint copy 66,000,000 ISK
9x Zydrine 3,924 ISK
40x Nocxium 21,400 ISK
467x Isogen 54,573 ISK
2,822x Mexallon 2,822 ISK
8,044x Pyerite 8,044 ISK
24,022x Tritanium 130,199 ISK
2x Megacyte 1,422 ISK
Manufacturing fee 8,001 ISK
Total cost 66,498,649 ISK

The going rate for an Astero in Jita is about 73,400,000 ISK, so I’ve actually made a saving of about 690,000 by manufacturing, plus the warm fuzzy feelings of having made it from scratch and doing the content this project generated — mining for a purpose, identifying a good contract, ferrying the materials about. I’m pretty pleased with that.

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