EVE: Stay Frosty / ABA Frigate Free For All

It was the Frigate Free For All this weekend, and I took both the Minmatar and the Caldari down to Basgerin to lose some ships — and lose them I did. I’m a committed carebear, far more comfortable in an asteroid belt or in the planetary overview than the theatre of battle, so I was out of my depth, completely out-skilled and totally out-gunned. The FFA is really not an event for me, but it was still quite, quite brilliant to dabble in some PvP, and even more so to see all the hard work by Rixx and ABA  exploding all around me.

Having now seen first-hand what an amazing event the FFA is for the community, next time I’m promising to put my skillpoints to better use — by making frigates and helping fit and distribute them. I’m going to get some blueprints researched ahead of time, set some minerals aside, and give my full industrial support.

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