“The big one”

It looks like a star in Jovian space just went supernova — an unusually large star flare has been spotted by EVE Online’s #tweetfleet. Looks to be visible from all over New Eden, with confirmed sightings from within The Forge, Geminate, Cobalt Edge, Metropolis, Venal, Butt Ring, Oasa and Perrigen Falls. And it seems to be bigger and brighter the closer you get to Jovian space.

Here’s a screenshot I look from within The Forge:

See the brighter orange star in the centre?
See the brighter orange star flaring in the centre?

…and another from within Vale of the Silent, taken by @NewEdenCaroline:


Could it be linked to this DED report of sudden Sansha’s Nation movements?

CONCORD’s Directive Enforcement Department has released a revised security alert for CZ-06R, a constellation in the outer region of Oasa. In the update, issued during the last hour, the DED cited “unusual and unexplained activity of Sansha’s Nation incursion forces” as the cause for the revised alert.

It’s long been rumored that Sansha’s Nation have a ship capable of generating wormholes, and that they’ve been hiding out in Jove space.

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