Instagrammed: May

Yet another slow month on Instragram.  Looking through the hundreds (thousands!) of photos my dad had taken over the years, I’m really wanting to take more myself. I’ve recently upgraded to a pro Dropbox account and set my phone to automatically backup my camera roll there, so maybe I’ll be convinced to start taking some more photos now that they’re a little more safe and accessible.

Otherwise, cats and pie, and a family photo of us all as kids, on holiday with Dad — lots of happy reminiscing this month. There was some good news for my hometown, depicted in the last photo: as part of being awarded the City of Culture for 2017, we’ll be hosting the Turner Prize at the Ferens Art Gallery in the city centre.

The Tate’s director of national and international programmes Judith Nesbitt said she was “confident that the Turner Prize is going to be an enormous success” in Hull.

“We know there’s a real appetite for art here,” she said. “This is a gem of an art gallery with a cracking collection.

BBC News: Turner Prize a ‘honeypot’ for Hull

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