Five things about me

I really hate doing these five things about me lists, but @Babe_Chilla tagged me in one of those blogging circlejerks recently, so I thought maybe I should just do it:

1. I’m not actually a librarian.

I just pretend, very, very well. Now shush.

2. I can write code but i suck really hard at math

I know a bunch of programming languages, spend much of my week inside Excel, and love the digital mechanics of how stuff works but I’m hopeless at mental arithmetic. Please, never ask me to mentally add on tax or work out a tip, I’ll only embarrass myself. Writing a program to do it for me for me would certainly be quicker.

3. My favourite comfort food is pasta with salt.

That’s it. No sauce, no veggies or meat, just plain pasta and salt. I got the “recipe” from my first girlfriend. We would sit on her couch, eat pasta-with-salt and play Bomberman World on the PlayStation. Who says romance is dead? Not this guy.

4. One of my favourite movies is High Fidelity

The book is always better than the film, but I’ve never read the book.

5. If I have a pen in my hand, I’m doodling.

I doodle and sketch all the time. In meetings, on the phone, when I’m supposed to be paying attention. Usually robots and little monsters, but sometimes little line drawings. I post the better ones on Instagram.

When you respond to these things, you’re supposed to tag a further five people to join in. I’m not going to bother, but if you think it’s a worthwhile exercise, feel free and let me know somehow.

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