Ready for Heavensward?

Heavensward, the first expansion for Final Fantasy XIV launches today, and I’m enjoying the (occasional) trials and (mostly) tribulations of folks on my Twitter stream logging in and getting started.

Am I ready for Heavensward? No, not at all. Not even close.

My highest job is now White Mage, at level 34, with Fisher not far behind. I just started on Botanist, and all of a sudden conjurer (with an eye on Scholar) looks very tempting. I know I have to level Thaumaturge to gain Swiftcast, too. I haven’t unlocked the sightseeing journal, or taught my company chocobo to fight alongside me, or progressed at all within my Grand Company, the Order of the Twin Adder.

In other words, there’s still plenty to do.

Despite MMOs making up the bulk of what I play, I’ve not had much look with being prepared for expansions on launch day. I tend to lose interest at the end of the expansion cycle, and then not come back until sometime after the excitement of launch has died down.

The few times I have been ready, I’ll admit there’s definitely something exciting about being part of that first wave, seeing everything new and being swept along in the enthusiasm of your fellow adventurers. But I’m older and crankier now, and so increasingly when I see hours-long queues to log in, frantic hotfix patches and crowded, buggy opening quests, I allow myself to feel a little smug and think to myself that kicking back and starting a couple of weeks late is probably the best way to do it.

“I’m just going to sit here for a while. It’s cozy.”

That’s really what I’m doing in FFXIV, only all the time — kicking back and relaxing. I do a lot of fishing, gathering, screenshot taking. Running around on my chocobo, just because holy shit you guys I get to ride a chocobo in this game. Right now, as much as I love seeing the great things other folks are achieving, I’m not shooting for min-maxed gear and a raid schedule. I’m just here to unwind.

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