FF5FJF2015: Broken wind

Welcome to the 2015 Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta! As a quick reminder: this will be my first ever play through of FFV, and I’m playing a standard #reg run of the Gameboy Advance port. If you’d try yourself, or if you’d like to donate or pledge based on my run, here’s the pledges page on the official website.

Without further ado, let’s get this (randomly generated) party started! Obviously the most important thing is giving our protagonist a suitably heroic and imposing name, something for the bards to sing through the ages:

…that’ll do nicely.

After some mucking about in the fields with a meteor and meeting Faris and her pirates and sailing around for a bit and grinding some gil to buy equipment… I suppose we better start investigating these crystals and saving the world, eh? After a very short jaunt through the Wind Shrine, here’s Wing Raptor, who I guess is the first “boss”…

…he didn’t last long. As an aside, that’s my first-ever YouTube upload, and I’m not promising I’ll do every boss along the way — but I might do some.

With Wing Raptor turned into the constituent parts of cheeky nando’s, it’s time to investigate the wind crystal and unlock my first job.

What did GILGABOT, the semi-evil bot in charge of handing out jobs have in mind? He chose Knight, which seems like a decent enough start…


Final Fantasy V Advance_1434959569149


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