FF5FJF2015: Water, water, everywhere

It was only a week ago that I was writing about cold, romantic seas and the lure of (ambiguously) elfin mermaids, and now here we are, a party of four knights, clobbering a Siren:

Final Fantasy V Advance_1434985764170

Despite casting Slow on Buttz and then zapping Lenna, she didn’t put up much of  a fight before falling to the massed swords of the four knights.

In other news, to nobody’s surprise rough-and-tough pirate Faris was finally revealed to be a woman (gasp) who will absolutely kick your ass.

As I sat on my commute home I ran back and forth in the forests, grinding XP and gil. This evening, after making it to Walse and meeting the King and scaling Walse Tower and blah blah blah, I made it to the boss fight with Garula, the only thing standing between me and unlocking a second job:

I tweeted the FF5FJF robot and he came back with:

I can work with that. I switched Lenna into a Summoner, and at the recommendation of Final Fantasy expert and friend @stoppableforce, went back to Castle Walse to collect Shiva:

I’m really pleased with how it’s going so far, and the jobs I’ve been assigned have been good — I think I’ve made enough progress for day one. I did actually push on to Karnak and unlock my fire job, but I’ll save that for another post…


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