FF5FJF2015: I give you fire

I went and completed the Fire-Powered ship, without too much trouble. Here’s Liquid Flame, which saying that, was actually a bit sloppy:

You can see me panic and think twice about using a so far super-rare Elixir after resurrecting Lenna, but I really wanted her on her feet and summoning Shiva. With the crystal shattered (we’re really doing a crappy job of protecting them, you guys) I requested my next job, and…


Alright then. Bard didn’t unlock for a little further in the story, but I was pretty pleased with that pick. In the meantime, I went to the Library of the Ancients, where Cid made a not-so-remarkable discovery.

Really Cid, you don't say.
Really Cid, you don’t say.

Don’t ask me (I’m only a librarian) but if I was on the look-out for an ancient tome, I think I’d start in the Library of the Ancients. That’s just me, though.

The Library was pretty fun (and not just because I’m a library nerd) and I found Ifrit hiding in a book, who I then used to kill off Byblos, neither of which gave me any hassle, really. I was surprised that Byblos was a kind of demon-rat-thing; I was hoping for something a bit more… bookish?

Anyway. After some sailing about and beating the Sandworm (sadly not recorded, as I did it on my phone waiting for a bus…) and taming a black chocobo and restoring an airship, I’m ready to take on the Soul Cannon, which so far has killed me twice.

I think either my party has gone from over-levelled to under-levelled, or I’m starting to hurt for the right mix of damage and healing during boss fights. Capturing the chocobo unlocked the Bard job, so I’m now running Knight / Summoner / Knight / Bard. I was envisioning something like the bard in Final Fantasy III, which could give me a small group heal for free every turn, but… that turns out not to be the case.

Pretty much all my bard does at the moment is !Sing Mighty March to grant everyone regen and then either play the harp for very little damage, or chuck potions around for very little extra healing. I have some elixirs, but I’m trying to save those for a rainy day… My current thinking is that I’ll swap Lenna and Faris around and grind until they both have !Summon, and then use Ramuh twice each round, or one Ramuh and one Slyph for a little healing boost. Buttz and Galuf can be on potion duty, or !Guard and Cover if things get hairy.

I’ll figure something out.

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