FF5FJF2015: Boom

I was stuck on Final Fantasy V‘s Soul Cannon boss, but now I’m not. While I was struggling, it was due to a lack of DPS in what is essentially a DPS race. The cannon charges up over eight or so turns, then blasts you for half of your maximum HP; you need either the DPS to stop that happening, or enough healing to survive while you’re whittling the cannon down. It seemed I had neither.

Final Fantasy V Advance_1435167103885

One of the things I’m really enjoying about the Four Job Fiesta is that it makes you work with what you’ve got — there’s no switching to a better set of jobs or going for a particular moveset to trivialize a particular encounter. That said; I really can’t complain about the party I’ve been given so far — Knight / Summoner / Bard / ??? is perfectly usable, and if it’s not exactly what I might have picked given free range, it’s probably not that far off.

Given my available jobs, I focused on improving my DPS. I swapped Lenna and Faris’ jobs and went grinding until Farris learnt the Summoner ability !Summon, then swapped them back again. I tried the battle again, this time with both Lenna and Farris summoning Ramuh each turn, while  Buttz and Galuf used lightning-damage Coral Swords with the Two-Handed passive equipped.

…yep, that did the trick. We went from hopelessly scrabbling to keep HP up between being blasted, to finishing off the cannon before it even got the first shot off.

Here’s how the party looks now:

Final Fantasy V Advance_1435219869149



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