FF5FJF2015 (and Torchlight)

The Fiesta continues, and GILGABOT has been very kind to me. I unlocked my fourth and final job last night, and he was most gracious:

This actually seems like a really useful party, especially now that I’ve moved into Galuf’s world and the stores are starting to stock Hi-Potions. Now I just need to grind up a huge stockpile of gil so that I can throw it at bosses…

Final Fantasy V Advance_1435312697561


This being my first playthrough of FFV (and it’s nice to think I’ve earned some cash for Child’s Play while I get to enjoy it) I rather naively thought that I might be getting towards the end. Visit the four crystals, get the full set of jobs, get an airship, then, what?

Exdeath, in his very fetching armour.

Maybe one or two more dungeons, some optional side-quest stuff, but primarily onto the Big Bad’s final dungeon to wrap this thing up, right?

Yeah, no. I doubt now I’m even at the half-way mark. Since arriving in Galuf’s world, Exdeath seems like a much bigger threat and the end seems much further away…

Torchlight 2


I’ve been playing a lot of Final Fantasy V, but I also want to catch some time in Torchlight 2 over the weekend with Kateri. Having played the first one, I thought it would be a good fit for us so I grabbed a couple of copies while it was part of the Steam summer sale.

Our criteria for a game seems to be:

  • Easy to set up drop-in co-op multiplayer (my internet is somewhat shaky sometimes, and port forwarding is no fun)
  • Either F2P or one-time purchase only. My MMO subscription budget is pretty much maxed out with FFXIV and EVE Online.
  • Quick to get to the fun with minimal book-keeping and faffing about.
  • Some form of co-op play that lets us compliment each other as a team while being present in the world together. As we’re in a long-distance relationship, it’s nice to have a bit of shared space, even when it’s virtual (and often infested with monsters).
  • Fishing. We both like mindless fishing mini-games.

We’ve only played through to around level 15, but so far Torchlight 2 is meeting all of those criteria, and it’s been really fun. I’ve been running around as an Engineer (with a pet alpaca, naturally) and Kateri has been using an Embermage. We might switch things up a bit — I quite like the look of Outlander, and she likes Engineer — but whatever combination we end up on, I can see us sticking with this one for a while.

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