Warriors of Light and Javascript

Today I wrote this little javascript tool for randomly picking and naming a party in Final Fantasy I:

You can elect to have a party generated with no duplicate jobs, a random selection that may include duplicates, or a party consisting solely of either physical or magical jobs. You can additionally force all male or female names, or a mixture of the two. All of the potential names came from census information of popular names in the UK, US, Germany and India, from 2014 and 1920. There are 50 each of male and female names, and they're all short enough to fit inside the game's 6-character limit.

Playing through the 2015 Four Job Fiesta has got me thinking about the others in the Final Fantasy series. Earlier this month, I upgraded my phone to a Galaxy s6 Edge and started using an android port of VisualBoyAdvance to play around with GameBoy Advance ports, and I snagged the Dawn of Souls collection to play and II. I always find picking and naming characters in games the hardest part, so hopefully others will find this tool as useful as I do!

I coded this partially to solve that problem for myself, and also because I've been meaning to have a go at animation using sprite sheets. I implemented that by setting a background image on a container and using an interval timer to shift the background position property on each update. I'm not sure it's a technique I'll be using again any time soon, but it was nice to make a finished little tool while learning a new trick.

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