Instagrammed: June

Slightly more photographs on Instagram this month but still not many. Kateri flew over here for my father’s funeral, which also meant at the other end of the week she was here for my birthday, so we had some drinks and a great meal at Henry Yeast & Sons. I posted a few screenshots from my still-ongoing #FF5FJF playthrough. Drank some beer with Matt in Leeds, a night at Head in a Book… and that’s it for June on Instagram.


I’ve been posting these monthly Instagram roundups since last May, and they’ve been getting smaller and smaller — I think for the last three or so I’ve bemoaned and apologised for the lack of photos. Still, it seems a shame to stop what has become a regular feature.

I fly out to Portland in a couple of weeks; I’m going to make a point of taking lots of photos while I’m there.

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