FF5FJF2015: grumpy old man edition

It’s been a while since I last did a FF5FJF2015 update, but I’ve been making progress.

Despite the title of this post, I’ve been really enjoying my playthrough — honest! — and experiencing the story for the first time. The GBA port has been a great fit for playing on mobile, too. But there are a few things I’ve not relished quite so much:

  • Not having access to the Teleport spell.  Backtracking through dungeons is starting to become tedious.
  • No Float spell for mitigating floor damage. I just finished the Fire Tablet dungeon and there’s a lot of lava down there. Stopping to chug hi-potions just in case a monster got in a lucky hit in was painful (and starting to get expensive). This will be somewhat solved on any future runs by now knowing where I’m going!
  • Gilgamesh feels my pain
    Gilgamesh totally shares my pain.

    Maybe I’ve dawdled too long, but I’m about ready to be finished. I have one more elemental tablet to collect. There’s probably a bunch of side-questing I could do at that point, but I’m starting to lose my appetite for it. I want to see the credits roll before I get bored and lose the will to play.

My current thinking is that I’ll get the tablet, then make a push to see if I can finish the game without doing any sidequesting, just so I can call the Fiesta done and make my pledged donation. Then if I feel like it, I’ll go back and see some of the sidequest content — still obeying the Fiesta rules.

Enthusiastic Buttz just wants to get on with it.
Buttz just wants to get on with it.

Partially my issue is that the Summoner seems to have a lot of her summons tied up in defeating optional bosses — I’d like to get Bahamut and Phoenix, for example — which means going to find them, probably clearing another dungeon, and on top of that, any additional grinding needed to be able to defeat them.

Overall, though, it’s been a brilliant time and I’ll definitely do it again! These self-imposed hardships are what the Fiesta is all about, after all. I really can’t complain about my party composition, which has been rather generous. Two people with !Summon and the others with !Zeninage tears through bosses, and !Iainuki makes grinding regular encounters very fast and easy.

It hasn't all been plain sailing...
Even so, it hasn’t all been plain sailing…

I’m already thinking about playing through another of the Final Fantasy GBA ports on my phone when I’m finished, and I want to take a look at Record Keeper, too. But for today, here’s how we stand:

Final Fantasy V Advance_1435769482560


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