FF5FJF2015: null and void

Exdeath, your days are numbered.

Last night I gathered my party and decided to see if I could put this Fiesta to rest. I collected the water elemental tablet without incident, and then went to North Mountain to challenge Bahamut.

Final Fantasy V Advance_1435791789514
Bahamut is often depicted as a dragon in RPGs, but he’s a giant fish in Arabian mythology. Maybe giant fish aren’t considered fearsome enough.

Quickly subdued, he agreed to join me as a !Summon, so I rested, stocked up on supplies, and headed into the Interdimensional Rift to challenge Exdeath himself. The Rift was a pretty fun dungeon, as endgame dungeons go. You visit a variety of locations, defeat a bunch of mini-bosses, and get to spar with Gilgamesh again. Gilgamesh has become one of my favourite characters in FFV, and his cameo in one of the last boss battles was really fun.

Final Fantasy V Advance_1435796511563

Finally, it was time to face down Exdeath himself, for real this time. I was hoping that the strategy which has served me so well on every other boss battle would suffice:

  • !Sing Mighty March for regen from the Bard
  • !Summon Carbuncle for reflect status from the Summoner
  • !Zeninage from the Samurai and Knight
  • !Summon Bahamut with the Summoner and Bard
  • Toss hi-potions (might as well use up these Elixirs on the last boss) as required
  • Rinse, repeat

Alas, it was not to be. Repeatedly.

Final Fantasy V Advance_1435798006991

Exdeath’s first phase poses no issues, and I keep going for quite a few turns after he transforms into Neo Exdeath, but after three attempts I still haven’t managed to get him down. Eventually he starts taking more and more actions per turn, and the party ends up in a death spiral of resurrecting and curing and not pushing out any damage.

Still, this is a really great party and I’m sure I can do it. I’m going to backtrack to collect !Summon Phoenix which should really help with getting everyone on their feet and fighting, and I’ll try, try again.

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  1. July 3, 2015 at 12:51 am

    Phoenix is pretty awesome, since it revives people with full HP and MP, but with your party you might not need it. If you got Hero’s Rime (from playing all of the pianos), your massively increased level stays through Exdeath’s form change. You can just sit on the first form singing until you’re happy, and then blow him to bits with dragons and money.

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