Almost 400 words about nothing

For the first time in about fifteen days, I sit down to write what is threatening to become a daily blog post, and I think so myself I have nothing to say.

My Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta run has been providing me with most of my updates, but I didn’t play any yesterday; in fact I didn’t play anything. I spent most of the night working on the house and garden, tidying and organising and generally making the place look a bit better. After that I just sat on the couch and hit Netflix.

As always, though, I’ve been thinking about games, even if I haven’t been playing them. I’ve been thinking about FFXIV, and all the levelling I have ahead of me, and how nice it is to find a picturesque spot and just fish for a while. I’m really enjoying the change of pace that is FFXIV compared to WoW, and there’s still a huge list of things I want to do in Eorzea pinned on my Trello board.

I’ve also been thinking about how it’s been a long time since I logged into EVE Online, and that my character should have a level III mastery certificate for the Drake by now. I’ve been thinking about training into an Orca, too, and living as a space nomad out in Minmatar space, for no reason other than it would fit in with the headcannon RP I have for him. As always, I’m finding EVE to be my favourite game that I don’t actually play. It’s enough just to be a small part of a living work of science fiction.

It’s been a while since I picked up a book as well, sad to say. This has not been a year for reading, so far. I’ve singularly failed to make any progress with Anna Karenina (who would have guessed) but at least my reading partner isn’t that far into it, either.

I have, however, just joined a small online reading group started by Sophie Alice Acton, The Treehouse Irregulars, and we’re starting Kraznahorkai’s Satantango, which I’m quite looking forward to — I do love a complicated existential novel where possibly not all that much actually happens (at least physically).

I have a long flight to Portland next week, so that’s going to be all enforced reading and FF5FJF-grinding time.

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