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Being a lifelong geek, I have a real soft-spot for Star Trek in (most) of its incarnations. I have some very fond childhood memories of watching re-runs after school while building spaceships out of Lego.

A few weeks ago, I found this excellent article that suggests just the best episodes from Next Generation in order to cover the entire series in “just” 40 hours — the whole series clocks in at 178. Kateri and I have been working through them off and on, and it’s been a great nostalgia trip to revisit some of the old episodes.

What I’m really looking forward to, though, is starting on this guide that takes you through Deep Space Nine. I haven’t seen all of DS9, but enough of it to make it my favourite series in the franchise, especially in the latter seasons as the Federation-Dominion war heats up. The Dominion are a really great foil for the Federation, and a much more nuanced foe than the Borg of Next Generation.

I love Star Trek because it gives us a vision of the future where reasonable people resolve conflicts by talking.

Max Temkin

Deep Space Nine is a lot more political and grander in scale than other series, and it has some of the best space battles; we get to see whole fleets in action and the pseudo-naval heritage of Star Fleet is strongly in evidence.

Part of the appeal of Star Trek, right from the Original series, is that it shows humanity at their very best. Deep Space 9 really twisted that principle for the first time, and explores the shadowy side of diplomacy and morality. We get to see the often unexplored dark side of the Federation, which injects some interesting moral grey to the proceedings.

Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to watch a couple of episodes and see if I can’t find some Lego…

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