FF5FJF2015: Victory!

My FF5FJF 2015 playthrough is complete!

Having suffered defeat at the hands of Neo Exdeath a few times, I went back to a previous save and did two things to prepare for my next attempt: I climbed the Phoenix Tower to collect !Summon Phoenix, and I levelled up a couple more times so that Lenna and Krile would stop being one-shot killed by some of Exdeath’s attacks.

It worked, really well. I used !Summon Phoenix a couple of times — mainly to recover from his White Hole attack — and had my bard !Sing Hero’s Rime to boost the damage of the !Zeninage and !Summon Bahamut attacks that made up my offense.

Final Fantasy V Advance_1436128176985

I’ll definitely do this again next year, and maybe with a different set of conditions. I looked at doing a #natural run this year, where each character is locked into only using the job from their particular crystal, but I’m glad I didn’t pick that — especially for my first playthrough. Having my party cross-train so that I had access to two lots of !Zeninage and !Summon was invaluable.

I’ve really enjoyed doing the Fiesta, and I’m so happy to add Final Fantasy V to my growing list of completed Final Fantasy titles. As well as completing the story for the first time, I’ve also earned Child’s Play a grand total of $90 between my own pledge and those made on the condition of me finishing — not bad for sitting around playing videogames!

The final #FF5FJF2015 party



I’d like to thank @stoppableforce and @snacks_road for all their advice and chatter in The Balrog’s House, @JuliusTheOrange for his Exdeath-specific advice, and Ashfang for his great guide to all the FFV classes.

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