FFVIII: surprisingly enjoyable

I’ve made a start on Final Fantasy VIII using ePSXe on Android. I couldn’t see that the app has a built-in way of taking screenshots, unlike MyBoy! for Gameboy Advance games, which has a very nice screenshot function that you can bind to a virtual button. I’m having to take screenshots using my phone’s in-built swipe gesture, which unfortunately leaves the onscreen buttons visible:

2015-07-07 00.57.33
Squall is kind of an ass, huh?

There is an option to play with the virtual buttons made invisible, but I’m still tweaking the layout and getting used to where they are, so I’m not ready for that just yet. Having the R1 button near the action buttons is handy for triggering Squall’s gunblade attacks, and the combined L2+R2 button makes escaping from battles easy.

Quetzalcoatl, the unpronounceable bird

I’ve also been abusing unlocking the frame limit so much I added a virtual button to toggle it off and on. I’ve seen all the story before, and it’s actually been fun to draw hundreds of copies of magic from monsters at a vastly accelerated rate. I taught Quetzalcoatl Mid Mag-RF, so I’m using tier 2 -a magic even though I’m still really early on Disc 1; I haven’t even gone to Timber yet.

One of the main reasons I haven’t made it to Timber (besides spending way too much time drawing tier 1 magic to refine into tier 2 versions) is Triple Triad, the collectible card mini-game. I’ve been running around using Card on monsters and dueling the students of Balamb Garden, and I’ve built up quite a nice card collection already. I don’t think I can start on it until I reach disc 2, but I’m going to try to complete the Card Club sidequest during this playthrough.

So far, so good. I’ve been enjoying junctioning up my characters and rolling my eyes at Squall — maybe all these years I’ve been remembering FFVIII as a worse experience than it really is.

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