Put one brick upon another

Now that I’m back in Hull and settling back into my usual work/home routine — though I have to admit I’m still suffering from an unusually long bout of jet lag; I work up at 4am again this morning — it’s time to start blogging again. I was unreasonably proud of my daily blogging streak that ended as I left for Portland, and I want to recapture that.

Luckily, I have an incentive coming up that I’ve been looking forward to:


Blaugust (that would be blog-August for the portmanteau-adverse) is a great community project that Belghast has been running now for a couple of years. Inspired by his “Grand Experiment” of blogging every day, it challenges writers to post every day throughout August, at a minimum length of 10 sentences. If you want to take part, Belghast published this year’s co-ordinating post yesterday, and you can head there for all the instructions.

There’s a lot of exciting things going on at work at the moment, mainly due to it being the run up to Hull’s turn as the UK City of Culture in 2017, and we’re sort of using this transitional time to try out a bunch of new things, one of which is Matt and I starting up a charmingly low-fi (some might say inept) library podcast. We recorded our second episode this afternoon, and as requested by one of the library’s Twitter followers, I read aloud some Philip Larkin. I’ll end today’s rather scrappy blog post with the poem I’ve chosen, which is one of my favourites; a short, tight little poem on the value of putting in the work:

To Put One Brick Upon Another

To put one brick upon another,
Add a third and then a forth,
Leaves no time to wonder whether
What you do has any worth.

But to sit with bricks around you
While the winds of heaven bawl
Weighing what you should or can do
Leaves no doubt of it at all.

Philip Larkin

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