Effort and ambition

MMOs are not like other kinds of games (obviously). So much of what you get out of them is based on what you’re willing to put in. In the best possible way, I find them to be more work than single player games. They present you with a to-do list. You just have make sure the list you’re given is one you’ll enjoy completing.

I logged into EVE Online the other night to discover I’d been unceremoniously booted from my Corporation. It wasn’t a huge surprise: I haven’t logged in for over a month, my social ties with the group were not exactly strong, and the group has been going through a period of internal turmoil and leadership restructuring. I wasn’t unduly bothered.

In fact, I’ve been thinking that it might be time to strike out on my own. I think my biggest inspiration in the EVE blogging universe has been EVE Hermit, and I’m looking at replicating some of his ideas: a one-man corp; living small out of an Orca, basing myself in a so-called “hi-sec island”.

Hi-sec islands are an interesting quirk of space geography. A little tricky to find (though there are some forum threads listing some), they’re tiny constellations of high-sec space surrounded entirely by either low- or null-sec systems which form the perilous “ocean”. They tend to be quiet systems with little to no through traffic, making them ideal for isolationist carebears like myself.

My long-term plans revolve around the mining > refining > research > invention > production chain, with a decent amount of LP grinding thrown in for good measure. There’s a huge, tentacled Gantt chart of dependencies swirling at the back of my mind; I want to set a goal to self-manufacture something high-end, and that’s going to need a lot of research to see how it all fits together.

CCP Seagull. Image via crossingzerbras.com
CCP Seagull. Image via crossingzebras.com

I’m also not particularly enamoured with paying two subscriptions at once at the moment; one for EVE and one for FFXIV. The obvious thing to do would be to drop EVE, as it’s “the game I love to not-play”, but I really like having it around for when the itch needs scratching, and I’m so happy to support CCP under Seagull’s leadership. What self-respecting sci-fi nerd wouldn’t want to be a part of it when this is her vision:

I have this view on EVE as the world’s largest living work of science fiction and the amount of effort and ambition that we put into crafting that world is really important for the experience people have there. […] That’s what we’re trying to do in the world now – really make sure that EVE is coherent, ambitious, beautiful. That really reinforces and validates the time people choose to spend in it. I have a lot of respect for people’s time and I want that time to matter. This is one of the ways we do that.

But think of the Free Company, kupo!


I also quickly logged into FFXIV last night, literally just to reset my “last seen” time and say hello to whoever was online in my FC, Greysky Armada. I’m really excited for FFXIV and my freckle-faced Lalafell, but I just haven’t been able to put in the hours recently. I’m terrified that I’ll get kicked from the FC for inactivity, which is something I desperately want to avoid, as I know it’ll be a great fit for me. I deliberately held off joining the FC until I knew I was going to stick with FFXIV, and then life served up one thing after another to severely impact my ability to actually, y’know, log in and play.

I’m really looking forward to unlocking Scholar in a few more levels, and seeing how I like that in comparison to White Mage; I’m certainly liking Arcanist over Conjurer/WHM while out questing or doing leves. Once I get something up to 50 and through the main scenario quest, I’ll likely try out Astrologian as well — any kind of healing class is where my interest lies, and the Astrologian’s card deck mechanic is really intriguing.

I’ve got another couple of busy days at work, but hopefully finishing for the day on Saturday will mark a turning point where I can start putting some time into the games I love.

  3 comments for “Effort and ambition

  1. July 23, 2015 at 3:57 pm

    “I’m terrified that I’ll get kicked from the FC for inactivity, which is something I desperately want to avoid, as I know it’ll be a great fit for me.”

    I was inactive for over a year and they didn’t punt me. (I’m also inactive now. Boo!)

  2. August 3, 2015 at 1:09 am

    I thought Bel said in a semi-recent post that he doesn’t do “roster cleanup” for Greysky so you don’t need to ever worry about gett8ng bootedbfor inactivity.

  3. August 3, 2015 at 8:55 pm

    Worry not, unless you actually delete your character you won’t get removed, ever. Even then it usually takes a few months before someone notices and cleans up. I suppose if we hit the member limit someday we might have to start removing the people who haven’t logged on in forever and ever, but we’ve got a ways to go yet before that’ll be an issue.

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