I thought I was the healer?

I ran a couple more dungeons and got the XP I needed to reach level 30 on my Arcanist, then went on to do the quest to unlock Scholar. Now I have Scholar as well as White Mage, so I’m going to see which I’d prefer to take on to level 50.

I have to say, based on the few dungeons I’ve “healed” as a Scholar since, I think it has the edge. Besides a couple of casts during boss fights, I haven’t actually needed to do much healing at all, instead letting my fairy pet, Eos, do all the work. I haven’t tried using Selene yet.


I’m hoping as I unlock some more abilities in the Scholar’s toolkit and the content gets harder I’ll have to do some more hands-on healing, but for now it seems to fun to sit back and DPS while the pet AI does all the work. It does seem a little like cheating: I get all the benefits of being the healer, like quicker queue times and more frequent player commendations, without having to actually, umm, heal.

Getting to do a full DPS rotation while being in a healing role reminds me of playing the Chloromancer in RIFT. Nearly all of the Chloromancer’s heals are based on reflecting a portion of damage done as healing back to the group; your big healing cooldowns and also your big damage cooldowns. The scholar doesn’t have the same mechanic tying healing to damage, but it’s still interesting to be in a dual role.

My next steps in FFXIV will be to level Thaumaturge a little further, as that will give me access to Summoner for solo questing, and eventually Swiftcast, which all of the Disciple of Magic jobs make use of.

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  1. August 3, 2015 at 1:17 am

    For SCH, up to about 35 you more or less let the fairy heal and supplement it periodically, but mostly spend your time in Cleric Stance helping with the dps. At 35 you can do the lost temple of Qarn dungeon, and while most of it is still you helping the fairy, the golem boss in the middle is actually a bit of a challenge to heal through and as you go higher it becomes harder to keep all the dots up. Not impossible, but definitely more involved. Of the healer, I actually can’t decide if I prefer WHM or SCH. AST is 45 for me now and I’m not really feeling it.

    FWIW scholar is easy to level up becuz you can solo grind quests and fates as the summoner class with a tank petbat nobdanger to yourself and it levels scholar up simultaneously.

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