Blaugust #01: past, present and future

It’s here! Welcome to Blaugust on adamantly complacent! Blaugust challenges writers to post something of at least ten sentences each day throughout August. All the details are on the 2015 Blaugust Initiative Page.

This is the first time I’ve participated and I have to tell you, I’m excited to see where this leads. I’ve really been making more of an effort with my blogging recently, and I’ve been very happy with the results. Belghast’s grand experiment has been a huge inspiration; I’ll be happy to be following in his footsteps if I can pull this off.

Belgast suggested “What are you hoping to get out of Blaugust this year?” as an opening gambit. I’m going to run with that and expand it a little to include what I’m hoping to get out of blogging in general…

The past and present

This blog has existed since January 2012, but I didn’t really start posting with any regularity until 2014, and only this year have I been updating multiple times a week. It’s growing, slowly, as is my confidence as a blogger (whatever that means). When I first started, I used the domain, as that was the pseudo-anonymous handle I used a lot online. I later switched over to when I just decided to “just be me” and to unify everything I had online into one place.

Today, to mark the launch of Blaugust, I’m setting as the canonical address for this blog (but don’t worry — will continue to work and redirect sensibly). I’ve been using adamantly complacent as this blog’s title, and as my “about me” profile description text online for a while now. It was coined by my good friend Mari, and I’m indebted to her and her skewed-but-oh-so-playful use of language for coming up with a phrase that I love so much.

What the future holds

So what’s next for this blog, during Blaugust and beyond? I want to keep writing, preferably every day. If I can make it to 31 days, I’m pretty certain I can keep going indefinitely after that. I’m happy with the mix of mainly-videogames, books, geeky developments and the occasional “miscellaneous” pot pourri that makes up my writing diet. I could probably attract a bigger, more consistent readership if I honed in on one particular subject, but that’s not something I’m interested in doing.

I’ve long thought about writing more personal entries on here. Some of my old posts are more personal (most of them are in the life category), but I do worry that I’ll slowly turn into Adrian Mole:

I have decided to keep a full journal, in the hope that my life will perhaps seem more interesting when it is written down. It is certainly not interesting to actually live my life. It is tedious beyond belief.

— Adrian Mole, the Wilderness Years (Sue Townsend)

Perhaps if I continue to write regularly, the more personal things will start to creep in naturally, and they’ll end up being part-and-parcel of the content. I’m not going to force it, but it is something I would welcome.

Just write something, about anything, every day. That seems like a reasonable goal.

And to rest of my fellow Blaugust participants: good luck!

  2 comments for “Blaugust #01: past, present and future

  1. August 2, 2015 at 1:19 am

    Pffffft multi-topic blogs are the future. 😉 *fist bump*

  2. August 2, 2015 at 2:09 am

    Good luck to you too, sir! I look forward to seeing where this month takes us all.

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