Blaugust #05: but what to play?

I can slowly feel myself sinking into a gaming slump, which is really bad timing considering it’s #blaugust and I need something daily to write about. But nothing is biting.

In a way, I’ve been like this since I quit World of Warcraft around a year ago now. Since then I’ve flitted from game to game without ever landing on something that really grabbed more for more than a couple of months. EVE has been more or less continually subscribed the whole time, even though I’ve only dipped in occasionally to “the game I love to not play”.

FFXIV has been really great, and I do want to get back to that, once I sort out BootCamp or Parallels or something for my Mac (or they relaunch the native client, I guess). I’m a bit out on a limb there, not knowing the best way to go. It seems like either way will involve me buying a new Window 8 licence key, which might have to wait until the next pay packet. And there’s no disc drive in the Macbook, so that means — what? Getting a USB DVD drive? Making a disk image? Something over a network from my old PC? I don’t know. So I will get back to FFXIV, eventually, but it might not be for a while.

So what do I do in the meantime? I have EVE plans but they’re very long-term and very slow. I logged in yesterday and did some mining, but it didn’t really grab me like it used to. I have to be in a very specific, lazy-zen frame of mind to do that. I have Torchlight 2, but again, that only held me for an hour or so. I find it really fun playing as a duo with Kateri, but not so much solo.

I might end up back in Guild Wars 2 for a while. I’ve learnt that I really always need some kind of theme park MMO on the go to scratch that particular and permanent itch, and it’s a decent enough fit. I really love a lot of its features, and there’s still plenty for me to do in there. One thing I was interested in before but never got around to was running dungeons. I’m really nervous about that, and probably shouldn’t be.

There’s no true tank-healer-DPS holy trinity in GW2, so that removes my usual and comfortable healer role, but I’d still want to play some sort of support build; like a Guardian in Cleric gear. It’s a shame that actually playing support tends to make runs slower; I believe the high-end meta is for everyone to run in a full set of Berserker gear and DPS race through everything.

I have these periodic melancholic gaming moods, but they always pass. I’m not concerned. There’s plenty of choice out there. I could go build something magnificent in Terraria, or try my hand at Minecraft (which I own but have never given a fair shake). I have a full collection of D&D licence games on my Good Old Games account, many of which have Mac versions, most of which I haven’t played (or at least completed). I have The Witcher in my Steam library, which I bought on sale and never even downloaded.

There’s plenty of things to do. I just need to pick one.

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  1. August 5, 2015 at 9:10 pm

    I know how you feel. I feel both inspired to play and uninspired to play much of what I have at hand. It’s a horrible state to find one’s self in.

  2. August 6, 2015 at 1:52 am

    There’s a common misconception about Guild Wars 2 that players of more standard MMOs tend to assume.

    One thing to remember is that in GW2, gear doth not maketh the man, or the role.

    Whatever stats you’re wearing does not preclude you doing damage, or supporting, or indeed, both at the same time, which is the ideal.

    Cleric gear is often not used because theorycrafters have shown that healing power as a stat scales quite poorly. Apparently, one doesn’t get exponential greater better healing stacking more of that stat, you can still heal a little at 0, decently at 300-400 and things start to plateau after that, due to the healing coefficients of each healing skill. One gives up a lot of damage for very little gain.

    Conversely, someone thinking they’ll just run around as a zerker guardian doing dps will experience some rather classic dungeon wipes because they’re not playing their role to its best potential.

    Good guardians can do an amazing amount of support with appropriate skill use at the right timing – completely negating projectiles or sending them back into enemies’ faces, saving their teammate from taking a big hit that would have laid them out flat, providing stability that prevents a whole lot of annoying knockback, timing a full heal to save an ignored NPC escort from dying and causing the event to fail, the list goes on. All of it doable in zerker gear.

    That’s the current state at the moment anyway, I have a feeling Heart of Thorns is liable to shake things up a little.

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