Blaugust #16: a really senseless death

Oh! Those plans I had for levelling a hardcore Witch Doctor and getting the last few achievements before season three finishes! They lie in tatters.

How frustrating. I lost her fighting a champion while not really paying full attention. This was a really senseless death. I was only playing on Master difficulty, I had a decent handle on all of my skills; this shouldn’t have happened (and wouldn’t had I was been mindful of what was going on). And so hardcore mode teaches us another valuable lesson: don’t play unless you’re going to give it all of your attention.

In Hardcore, you have an interest in what’s going on the entire time. Which isn’t to say it’s a constant strenuous challenge – once you’ve done it once or twice, Normal difficulty is pretty comfortable and nonthreatening. And even in later levels, you tend not to play in areas where you’re always on the edge of your seat. But you always care about how you’re playing.

Hamlet, Your Deeds of Valor Will be Remembered

I’m wondering now about breaking my self imposed hardcore-only rule and just rolling up something in softcore to tackle an achievement. I only need 20 more points to unlock the next reward, and there’s 40 available for defeating the Butcher at level cap on Torment I. Could I get there and geared well enough to do it in a week? If I was allowed to die over and over trying against him, I could probably do it slightly undergeared for Torment.

Still, this has been good practice, and I think it’s decided for me that I’ll be taking a Witch Doctor into season four; it was really fun playing her while it lasted.

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