Blaugust #20: tedium in Tyria

I logged into Guild Wars 2 for a run around and to see what’s what. I spent a good few solid months playing GW2 a while back, but drifted away… it’s one of those games that seems perfect on paper — there’s a lot to like — but which, if I’m honest, has failed to truly grab me.

I think partially it’s because my necromancer (see above) has become a finely-tuned death dealing machine. It’s too easy. Nothing in the open world poses a challenge; armed with her dagger and focus and a build around vampiric healing and precision, she slices through regular mobs, veterans, and even the occasional event veteran solo, and with ease. I’ve been working on world completion on her — I’m up to 73% — and that hasn’t helped; it’s really brought home how little diversity there is in enemy types. There’s only so many Skritt, Hylek and Risen you can kill before you realise they’re all the same with slightly different names (and maybe a palette swap, if you’re lucky).

More so than with any other MMO I’ve played, I find it difficult to set goals and generate an “MMO to-do list” of interesting things inside Guild Wars 2. It’s very pretty to explore, it’s easy to pick up, it’s easy to level alts, but I find it very difficult to find the substance of it. I’ve finished the main storyline, I do WvW occasionally; the only thing really open to me that I haven’t tried yet are dungeons and fractals. It’s possible that those will grab me — I usually like small group content — but I seem to have developed a bit of a mental block about getting started on them. It may turn out that the dungeon-running community is more open to beginners than I’m imagining, but I somehow doubt it.

Ana, my mesmer (who’s dressed like an elementalist?)

One thing I might do is try a few more character classes. Mesmer and Guardian are appealing. Maybe playing one of those will rekindle my excitement for the game.

Diablo III‘s fourth season starts very soon, though, and I’m much more excited about that. And I have a Traveller game to referee, which needs a lot of prep work, and I’m still noodling around in PuzzleScript. So I have plenty going on. At the beginning of #blaugust I was lamenting a lack of gaming focus; now I have enough interesting projects to keep me happy for some time.

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  1. August 20, 2015 at 9:33 pm

    I agree that GW2 is very difficult to dissect into a nice and neat to-do list. Getting the daily achievements done is easy enough but after that I’m at a loss. I’ve avoided dungeons as well because I know that I’m not THAT good at this game and I don’t want some strangers yelling at me when I could have Quaggans complimenting me on my wonderful teeth.

  2. August 21, 2015 at 3:02 am

    It’s possible to look for a guild for dungeons, if pugging it doesn’t feel comfortable.

    From prior experience though, it’s very rare to have someone unleash verbal abuse in a dungeon group (save for the unfortunate time with one or two members of a Brazilian guild) and that is absolutely open to reporting. It’s far more likely that an announcement that you’re new will be treated with utter silence in a PUG and a hopeful assumption that you’ll magically know what to do because they’re feeling lazy to teach, or they don’t know what they’re doing either, but you might also run into the 25% of people who will try to help and explain mechanics. 🙂

    The worse case scenario usually is a silent kick, but chances are a lot better that the average experience is better than that. In my experience, CoF path 1, path 2 and SE path 1 are really simple, fairly painless, quick experiences that are easy enough that most people won’t even notice or mind a weak link or two.

    Another possibility is to venture into the dungeon by yourself first, just to get comfortable with the map and flow.

    Story mode dungeons are usually only done by new people too, as explorables are the money-makers, so that’s another possibility – an advertisement for that would probably pick up other new players too.

    It is true that trying to figure out goals in GW2 can be quite a challenge. It’s very laterally open in that regard.

    Living Story 2 episodes are another possibility I would suggest, the mob mechanics used there are slightly more complex than the open world and personal story and may offer more of a solo challenge.

    If it’s group organization or social interaction you’re missing, the answer wouldd have to be looking for some kind of guild- casual for guild missions, WvW for a smaller group ‘raid-like’ hardcore feel, or one of the large community guilds that do organized Dry Top, Silverwastes, Teq, Triple Trouble, etc.

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