Blaugust #22: got nothin’

Suddenly this #blaugust experiment has become really hard. It seems I don’t consume (or produce) enough to have something interesting to say every day. I could definitely blog most days without incident, but the well of creativity is running dry right now. If it wasn’t for #blaugust, I’m pretty sure I’d be overwhelmingly tempted to skip today, and I’m not sure that’s something I’d want to fight too hard in future.

Look at me, just a few days ago and oh so foolish:

What an innocent babe I was, way back there on Thursday.

Today I went to work. I did the usual email things and worked on a spreadsheet. I ate a pretty good burrito for lunch, and I worked the reference desk for a while. Things seem to be settling down a little. I had my evaluation meeting with my manager, and it went well; many of the IT issues that have plagued us the last week or so have been resolved. There’s some interesting things coming up on the horizon, even though this week has been a bit fraught at times.

Eventually the library closed. I came home.

There are some things that I’m doing, but none of them are ready for blogging about yet. I have an idea for a game that’s still very much in the “back of envelope doodles” stage, and I’m setting some new things up around the little monsters I love to draw. I’m halfway through a decent novel that I’ll probably write a review for. I’m still eagerly awaiting the start of Diablo III‘s season four, though one thing this experiment has taught me is that I don’t like to write about videogames every day. Unlike a lot of #blaugust participants, this isn’t a videogames blog, it’s a blog that sometimes (okay, often) talks about videogames.

Thale (2012) dir. Aleksander L. Nordaas
Thale (2012) dir. Aleksander L. Nordaas

Later, Kateri and I are going to watch a Norwegian horror film that may well produce enough screencaps and conversation to fuel tomorrow’s post, but right now?

I got nothing.

  2 comments for “Blaugust #22: got nothin’

  1. August 23, 2015 at 10:19 am

    “What an innocent babe I was, way back there on Thursday.”
    Hehe weren’t we all at some point in this event.
    Feeling that struggle a bit now myself, what to write, what to wriiiite.

    Are you going to see Thale? I’ve seen it, there are better Norwegian horrors out there imo.

    • Phil
      August 23, 2015 at 9:16 pm

      We did watch Thale, and it was good, but it wasn’t that good. We also ended up watching Age of Dinosaurs which is a terribad Asylum movie, and I think I probably had more fun riffing on that!

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