Blaugust #24: season 3 is over

At 5pm yesterday, Diablo III‘s third season ended. I was logged in and playing at the time, desperately chasing level 70 on a softcore Wizard. On Saturday night I had the mad idea that I might be able to reach the level cap and earn the last few achievement points I needed to unlock the next tier of rewards, but despite a heroic effort (if I do say so myself), it was not to be.

Blizzard handled the end of the season really well. A message was broadcast periodically warning of the deadline once there was only 30 minutes remaining, and then at 5pm I was disconnected. My character was immediately available to carry on playing as a regular non-seasonal character, and all my seasonal stash was waiting for me in the in-game mail system. My stash is now awash with extra gems and legendaries waiting for Kanai’s Cube on patch day.

The season 3 hall of heroes

Not counting a couple of deleted false starts and a some very early Hardcore deaths, I mainly played three characters during season three, in two bursts of activity; I levelled my Hardcore Crusader early and then capped her later on, then a Hardcore Witch Doctor who died before reaching level 50, and then finally the Softcore Wizard mentioned above. All in all, I only put about 40 hours into seasonal characters, so I was happy to only unlock the first set of rewards, the transmogging skins.

I liked bashing things hard with the Crusader much more than I do with my Softcore Barbarian — who hasn’t had any play in a long time — so I’ll probably get around to making another eventually. Wizard I am much more on the fence about. I was playing with a strange Barrier Blades / Arcane Orbit / Teleport / Meteor build that let me use the Wizard in melee, which while very fun, I think was seriously limiting her. Glass cannons aren’t supposed to be up there toe-to-toe with the demons. I probably would have done better with a more traditional ranged build, but then, I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed that as much, either.

I had a lot of fun with all three, but it’s a Witch Doctor I’ll be taking into season four. I want to see how she plays at the level cap, and I want to get her some legendary set gear to really augment her super-creepy skills. I’m still planning on playing much of season four in Harcore as possible; but I’ll likely have a Softcore character going as well for chasing some of the trickier achievements — it’ll all depend on what’s revealed in the new Season Journey UI.

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