Blaugust #27: atchoo!

Oh, #blaugustians, you have no idea how much I want to not be writing this, and to instead be comfortably unconscious. I was sitting at my desk this afternoon at work when suddenly I felt an unmistakable throbbing in my throat, a wet tickle in my nose, a drooping of the eyelids. All at once I felt kind of crappy. Since I’ve been home I have sneezed extravagantly three times. There’s no denying it; I have a cold.

A cold! In August! It’s ridiculous. Maybe it’s allergies, although I’m not generally allergic to anything. I don’t get hayfever. What I do get, however, is run-down over the course of a few weeks at work, and then sick the moment I have a four-day “weekend” coming up.

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Still, I’m determined to make the most of my long weekend, and I have all of tonight and tomorrow to minister to myself with appropriate lotions, unguents and folklore remedies. I’m going to attack Diablo III‘s Season 4, Kateri and I are going to play some Torchlight 2, there’ll be movies and napping and books. Maybe there’ll be more napping than I intended, but I guess that’s okay, too.

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