Blaugust #28: Season 4!

Diablo III‘s fourth season has started, and with it our first look at the new Season Journey interface. It’s broken in to four chapters, each containing a number of tasks to tick off before the next chapter unlocks. For completing all four chapters, there’s a unique portrait frame and a non-combat pet. I am going to unlock that pet. 

I’ve completed 7/8 of the first chapter’s objectives, with just “reach level 35” remaining. I’m only at 28, and the going is a little slower than I’d like because I’m playing through the storyline. I made a Witch Doctor, and I want to get her through the story to unlock the achievements for completing the last two acts with a new class. I’m also going a little slower because I’m playing on Hardcore, and I don’t want any silly mistakes (like last time I rolled a Witch Doctor).

So far Lady RNG has been very kind to me. I got a pretty well rolled Nagelring, which is one of my favourites, and Illusory Boots, which are incredibly handy — I’ll likely strip their bonus early on.

I wrote earlier about struggling to find a fantasy themepark MMO fix, but I’ve come to realise the D3 really scratches much of the same itch for me. It shares enough of the common tropes that I enjoy — the gear treadmill, the optimising skills and stats, the list-writing and goal-setting that it’s really become my non-MMO MMO of choice. Additionally, though, it’s quick to get to the fun. Especially in Adventure Mode, you can just jump in, anywhere within the game world and start wailing away on demons. You can get heavily into theorycrafting your gear choices; but so much of what you’re given is down to the luck of the draw, sometimes you just have to work with what you’ve got. It sounds paradoxical, but as Hamlet pointed, playing Hardcore makes D3 in a very casual-friendly game — you can’t do too much spreadsheet planning ahead, because you just don’t know what you’re going to have available, nor how far you’ll get.

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