Blaugust #29: two steps forward…

Yesterday I completed the first chapter of Diablo III‘s new Season Journey, and ticked off all-but-one objective in chapter two — the last thing to do is reach level 60, which thus divides the Journey nicely in half; two chapters each for pre- and post- Reaper of Souls content. I finished the night at level 50, with just an easy jaunt to 60 and on to chapter three ahead of me today:

Screenshot 2015-08-29 11.10.13

A champion pack right on the door as I zoned in! With arcane enchanters! And not paying full attention and thinking I’m safe! Again! Last time this happened, I thought I’d learned my lesson: don’t play Hardcore unless you’re paying full attention to the game. As it turned out, I didn’t learn my lesson, I only identified it.

I started another HC Witch Doctor and set off again. I’ve named her — indeed all of my Witch Doctors, dead and alive, in perpetuity — after Omorose, the undead necromancer antagonist in The Enterprise of Death. With Haunt and Corpse Spiders and a huge pack of zombie dogs and fetish sycophants, she’s just about creepy enough to wear the name.

I was pleased to see that your Journey progress is kept between Hardcore deaths, so I’ve been able to concentrate purely on levelling. I’m up to level 46 now, so I’m ending today a little further behind than I started it. Oh, well. That’s how Hardcore goes sometimes.

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