Blaugust #30: you’re poison

My second Witch Doctor has done much, much better than the first. I’ve reached level 70 (and paragon level 22 since then), and I’m managing on Torment I without any difficulty. I just need to finish a level 10 Greater Rift and get a few more pieces of legendary gear (one ring, a belt) and I’ll have the season journey complete. Then I can move onto ticking off achievements…

I wanna taste you, but your lips are venomous poison…

Screenshot 2015-08-30 22.28.28

The build I’m using is very, very heavy on the poison. D3 seems to work best when you specialise around a single damage type and then boost it through the roof, so I’ve gone with poison, because, well, it just seems to suit the Witch Doctor so well, and it’s incredibly fun to laugh maniacally as a torrent poisonous toads splash from the sky. I’ve managed to arrange and enchant my gear to boost poison abilities — which are all of them — and my poison cloud, so I’m applying lots of bonus damage with every cast.

Really though, it’s a poison / minion build. I have 5 rabid zombie dogs. I have a fetish army on a two-minute cooldown. I have fetish sycophants that spawn as I deal damage — by the end of a rift I generally have 10 – 15 of them following in tow. I even stripped and applied the legendary effect from a Nagelring so I have a couple of fallen lunatics by my side, too. My mob of violent voodoo maniacs charge into battle, I send a plague of toads and poisoned spirits into the fray — with the added legendary bonuses from Quetzalcoatl and a stripped Haunting Girdle — and if things are still taking too long to die, I have a demon skull tip acid rain over them. I have Spirit Walk to escape if things get too dangerous, but it hasn’t — yet.

Poor Henri

Screenshot 2015-08-30 23.17.08
“The enchanter Yanashima hired the famous craftsman Paul of Westmarch to help her create a mojo of great power. At a critical moment, Paul’s cat Henri leapt into the mix, deep in pursuit of a mouse. Now an inseparable part of the mojo, Henri is said to be eternally searching for that mouse, which has never been seen since.”

Did you notice what she’s using for her offhand mojo? IT”S A LITTLE KITTY. Specifically, it’s Henri’s Perquisition, a legendary mojo that just got added in season four. One of my goals was to get through enough content to see a seasonal-specific item drop AND IT DID AND IT’S SO CUTE. He just dangles there, then wriggles about every so often. I would say it’s cruel, but he actually looks pretty happy about his predicament most of the time.

Sadly, the legendary power on it isn’t so great in the grand scheme of things, so I’ll likely switch away from it if something better comes along, but it’s there now, in the transmog library for future use.

I’m not hurting for any specific gear right now, and I’m clearing Torment I content easily, so I’m going to finish up the Season Journey to unlock the rewards, then move onto Torment I / Hardcore achievements before climbing up the difficulties and the Torment scale.  Eventually, she is going to die, but for now…

Take it away, Alice

  • This my thirtieth daily post for the 2015 Blaugust Initiative.
  • You should now be able to hover over Diablo III item links to see a tooltip of the item.

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  1. August 31, 2015 at 1:41 am

    Dangit you’re not supposed to make me want to play Diablo. I don’t *like* Diablo for more than about 3 minutes… The WD was my first attraction when we got the game but I didn’t have the bottle to play one (figured they were difficult). Should have gone with it. Maybe I’ll have to try one after all…

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