A post for Friday

Look at that. We’re well into September and my posting schedule has already suffered mightily since the end of #bluagust. This will not do.

Partially it’s because I’ve fallen into the trap of thinking I haven’t anything to write about, but I do. It’s been a bit of a hectic and miserable few weeks at work, which always has the knock-on effect of stunting my various outputs. I’ve slowed down a little in Diablo III, too, but I’ve still been making some progress — my latest Hardcore Witch Doctor just reached Greater Rift 22, which is a personal record for me — and one higher than the one that killed me last time…

Screenshot 2015-09-07 21.46.19
Done, but very close to the time limit. I’m happy with my survivability, but my damage needs a boost before I can push much higher.

I can’t really progress any further until my DPS output takes a leap forward, so I’m gambling blood shards and hoping for some more set-piece items to drop. I’d really like a Carnevil mask to replace my Zunimassa’s Vision, which I could then transmute into another set piece, but the RNG can be fickle, as always.

Go ahead and make something

So get to it. Make a game. [It] will be rough and derivative. It may not change the world, but it will be yours.

Anna Anthropy, Rise of the Videogame Zinesters

I’ve also started thinking about a fun new project that has me reading things like Ectotherm and Poikilotherm, and just generally getting excited to be making something again. I’ve been making some experimental Twine fragments around it too, but it may turn out that they turn into something else entirely. I’m sorry this is so vague. It’s exciting for me to think about, but I don’t have much solid — or public — to discuss yet. But I may have gone from having no game development projects on the go to having two. I feel like my mastery of Twine has really grown over the last month or so, and I’m really more than ready to make something out of it now.

I know I can make games, Words With Monsters proved that. It also showed me what a massive amount of work it is to get something actually finished and playable with no loose ends. But I’m ready to do it again.

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