I had a day off work yesterday, and I was going to do some work on my game (which for now, I’m imaginatively calling November) , but instead I ended up playing Minecraft nearly all day and watching Netflix. I still count that as a win for a day off work.

Kateri’s nephew is a huge Minecraft fan, but being a small child, he’s not allowed to play on the great wild untamed Internet.  So last month, I set up a Minecraft server hosted by MCProHosting, made it white-list only, and we started playing in our own private little world.

It’s been brilliant. I’ve been really, really surprised by how much fun I’ve been having. But in actual fact, Minecraft has turned out to be a great fit for us. We can build and explore a shared space together, we can set our own goals and work on them side-by-side, but we can also log in alone during the week and just potter about in a low-stress environment.

Kateri and I started playing a few weeks before The Boy, and we made a decent-sided farm by the spawn point. I also made, uhh, some statues:

Screenshot 2015-10-17 18.01.57

We quickly grew to be very fond of The Man and The Woman, but we didn’t really think they were suitable for public display with a small child running around, so before he arrived we got out our pickaxes and did some eye-watering surgery.

We’ve explored quite a decent chunk of the map, and we have an ambitious road-building project that already connects some of the main sights. We have a nether portal, a huge desert which contains several villages and temples, some floating islands, a village that consists entirely of librarians — very handy for acquiring enchanted books — and a newly discovered snowy, mountainous biome.

The end game of a game with no end

I’m very much motivated by progression and the acquisition of stuff in games, so I spent most of yesterday figuring out how to advance in a game that has almost no goals. I located a stronghold in the Nether and started farming blaze rods from the blazes that spawn there. Back in the real world, I crafted as many Eyes of Ender that I could, and quickly found the Stronghold — which turned out to be not all that far from the spawn point, though it did involve slopping through a swamp — and the End Portal within it.  The End Dragon is within our reach.

We need more Ender Pearls to craft more Eyes to open the portal, and we need to get started on enchanting our gear and brewing some potions so we can actually stand up to the dragon. I don’t think either of my other server-mates really care as much as I do about this PvE progression, such as it is, but we’ve agreed we’ll all log in and face the dragon together. It’ll be a mini Minecraft raid, with a dragon and everything, and I cannot wait.

  • This post contains pictures three through fifteen (including the header) of IntPiPoMo 2015.

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  1. November 5, 2015 at 8:47 pm

    Oohh, I hope you take shots of the Dragon fight, no matter when you guys do it! ^_^ Those statues had me in stitches. 😛

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