Playing games

I know at the start of the month I said I was aiming to make a finished game this month. Take a wild guess how that’s going. Here’s a clue: it isn’t. The finished feeling of having made a game is very satisfying, but I think I just have to be straight with myself right now: playing games is much more appealing at the moment than making them (though I do still have my double-secret collaborative project still on the burner, and I’m doodling “concept art” for that fairly regularly).

Diamond shovels as a luxury item

I’m still playing some Minecraft, and we’ve started on a motte-and-bailey style castle, with one of our favourite NPC villages acting as the bailey. To be fair, Kateri has done almost all of the work on this so far, but I did spend a few hours digging up hillsides and making the bailey a bit more bailey-like. There’s still quite a lot of digging to be done on that front, and to be honest, the thought of logging in just to wail away with a shovel for hours is putting me off a bit. I just need to get in there and get it done.

Before we broke ground on the castle, though, we spent an enjoyable evening trekking and sailing across the world to see something I’d discovered while out exploring one night: a desert mesa biome, which I gather are quite rare. For a game comprised entirely of cubes, the views are really good:

Wardads of Draenor

As you might have determined from the header image (how cute is that guy?!), I picked up World of Warcraft again and started working through Warlords of Draenor. I was going to sit this expansion out — I thought I might end up sitting all them out, forever — but once the class previews for Legion started coming out last week, I realised that I really wanted to hook back up with my guild, Waypoint, and see Legion with them.

I’m still very much not sold on WoD, and I’m not sure for how long I’ll remain subscribed after I reach the new level cap; but before then I want to get my lovable worgen druid up to 100, round out his professions, and be ready for Legion at launch. Playing WoW again is all tied up in a big bunch of thorny thoughts and emotions, and I’m still not 100% comfortable about it, but for better-or-worse, as it reaches its eleventh anniversary this month, I’ve been forced to admit I’m a life-long fan of something complicated and imperfect.

  • This post contains pictures sixteen through eighteen (including the header) of IntPiPoMo 2015. I’m nine pictures behind schedule at the moment, but I’ll catch up!

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