1.21 gigawatts of Catalysm

Timewalking has added another dimension to my World of Warcraft playing that I wasn’t expecting. A Catalysm timewalking event has just started, adding seven dungeons to my potential rotation: End Time, Grim Batol, Lost City of the Tol’Vir, Stonecore, Vortex Pinnacle and Throne of the Tides. Now, the Catacylsm dungeons aren’t my favourites (are they anyone’s?) but aside from End Time, I don’t really find any of them too distasteful.

Coupled with the 11th Anniversary event, this might be my new plan for the next few days: pop the anniversary gift XP buff, then chain-run timewalking dungeons until I get to 100. Then I can spend all the badges on assembling an initial set of timewarped gear to get me started while I get to work unlocking and exploring Tanaan Jungle. I’ll do some WoD dungeons as well, to finish daily quests from the inn, and to break things up a bit (and for potential gear drops).

I also read somewhere that timewalking in dungeons also provides reputation gains just like they would have originally, so I can throw on a tabard on and do some Cataclysm-era representing, too. As I levelled Scruff I managed to burn through Cata without making an impact on any of the factions, so I’m going to take some time while waiting in LFG queues to go and quest until I’m friendly with a couple of them to unlock their tabards.

Chain-running dungeons just for the badges might seem incredibly tedious to some, but it’s actually how I like to play; getting some “new” old dungeons thrown into the mix with a timewalking event every now and then is really a great feature for me.

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