Ding, 100!

I had a few days off work that coincided with the Cataclysm timewalking event, so I thought I’d chain-run those dungeons to get me to 100, then buy some timeworn pieces to give my iLvl a bump up so I could start on heroic dungeons and LFR. It seemed like a good plan, but it had one fatal flaw: Cataclysm dungeons in LFG were a complete nightmare, and I just couldn’t do that to myself.

Instead, I went to Nagrand, and had a grand old time. Nagrand was always my favourite of the Burning Crusade zones, and I was very happy questing there until I hit 100.

…and justice for Thrall

If you haven’t finished Nagrand, then spoilers ahead. But really, I’m so far behind now, who hasn’t done this already. Thrall: you’re an asshole. Take some responsibility for the huge mess you’ve created, okay?


I also ran a few more dungeons — I think Skyreach is my favourite so far. It’s so pretty, all in reds and golds, with some really great architecture.

  • This post contains pictures twenty-four through forty-four (including the header) of IntPiPoMo 2015.

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