Season’s greetings

Season Four ends on December 30th, but for me it’s functionally over now. Last night I finished my last remaining task in Chapter IV, to complete a Torment VII Nephalem Rift in under 6 minutes. I’d finished the rest of Chapter VI without much trouble, but completing the rift quick enough seemed to elude me. So I sat down with the Google stopwatch and started making some changes that ultimately paid off:

Screenshot 2015-12-23 00.02.19

My DPS got boosted quite significantly through two things. First, I finally had a Starmetal Kukri drop, which I cubed and applied. The legendary power reduces the cooldown on Big Bad Voodoo each time a fetish deals damage, and I’m running a Zunimassa’s Haunt-based build that has a huge mob of fetishes running around all the time. This let me keep Big Bad Voodoo up pretty much all of the time I was in combat. Next, I re-enchanted some of my gear. I added some more damage to Fetish Army, more damage on poison skills, and rolled some more critical damage. I burnt through almost all of my supplies of Forgotten Souls, but it was worth it — my gear is in a much better place, now.

With the season ending next week, I’m not going to attempt Chapter V, but that only gives me something to aim for in the next season. This has definitely been my most successful character to date; the best geared, with my highest Greater Rift and Torment records.

Season V

The next season starts January 15th, and the previews are looking really interesting. For example, this new legendary offhand, Wilken’s Reach, looks like it would work really well with my current build: applying more crowd control would bring more bonus damage from Bane of the Trapped.


I’m not sure that I’m going to play Witch Doctor again, though, at least for a while — luckily new and reworked items like that aren’t going to be season-exclusives any more, so I can go farm one up whenever I want.  The Monk, Wizard and Crusader are all appealing at the moment; I’ve played a lot of Monk, a little of Crusader, but almost no Wizard at all, so I’m currently leaning that way. I know there are some fairly ridiculous melee-wizard builds out there, and it might be fun to see how far I could push one of those…

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  1. December 30, 2015 at 2:08 pm

    Clever title. 😉 I wish I could get into Diablo. I like similar games, but Diablo has never been my cuppa.

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