Building things

I have a terrible itch in my fingers at the moment to build something. Writing for this blog helps, but it’s not entirely what I need. I spent a little time in RPG Maker MV a couple of nights ago, fiddling with the events system to see if I could get it to do an idea I have for a puzzle game (not quite), and I have some ideas for a Cookie Clicker-esque resource gathering trade game, but…

I feel like I’m close but I can’t seem to marshal my thoughts exactly. Everything seems like it would be a lot of work but for very little payoff.

Since Christmas, I have a nice new desktop scanner, which will make producing artwork for projects much easier. Importing new art assets into Words With Monsters was always one of the most tedious parts of the process, the part that made me balk at doing anything new with it. A decent scanner should streamline the equivalent workload for any new project significantly. I have ideas, I have equipment — so really, I have no excuses.

My partner, Kateri, told me to think of it such that the payoff isn’t the finished thing but rather the feeling of fulfilment for doing something, which I can totally see; but I still can’t seem to leap over the initial hurdle of settling down with an idea and working it through. Perhaps I need to go back and listen to our old friend Merlin Mann talk about living inside an unfinished thing and then just embark.

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