Fetishes with blowdarts and snakes to the face

Finally, finally, my witch doctor got her hands on a Carnevil helm, the last part of the fetish/poison build I’ve been working on. I’ve spent innumerable blood shards with Kadala over the last few months, so tonight I took a bunch of crafting materials and made a bunch of voodoo masks and upgraded them with Kanai’s Cube. On the twentieth mask, finally I got a Carnevil.

It actually rolled pretty nicely too, with intelligence, vitality and critical hit. I re-rolled the last stat for a gem socket, and… wow. This build is night-and-day now that I have the helm.

Not the best Carnevil ever rolled, but it's mine at long last.
Not the best Carnevil ever rolled, but it’s mine at long last.

With all my gear given a quick once over, and Rain of Frogs switched for Poison Dart (with the Snake to the Face rune, naturally) I hopped into a Torment VII rift to give it a try. It was amazing. Champion packs just melted. So I thought I’d try some Greater Rifts.

As the season ended, I was stuck at Greater Rift 39. I couldn’t even get close before running out of time. With my fancy new helmet though, I cleared all the trash with no issues, still with five or six minutes on the clock. But just my luck — the Rift Guardian was Hamelin.

“Oh no, it’s Hamelin,” I said to Kateri. “I hate fighting — oh wait, he’s dead”.

hamelinOf course, I had to try Greater Rift 40 after that, which is equivalent to Torment IX. I didn’t manage it on my first attempt, but on my second I managed it with two and half minutes to spare. That’s really quite something to me. The Diablo III difficulty scale only goes up to Torment X, and I honestly never thought I’d see it. Now it seems like it’s very achievable goal. I need to get some more attack speed on my equipment, and some more paragon points in that direction, but I think I could crack it.

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