Play by mail: the ultimate in hipster roleplaying

I just started reading the latest Different Skies reading group book, Wolf In White Van, and it has a play by mail game that the protagonist runs as one of its main plot points. Naturally, this got me thinking how good that would be to experience, and I’m always looking for more excuses to do some roleplaying. I remember seeing adverts for PBM games in magazines I had as a teenager, and though they appealed, for some reason I never gave them a try.

After a bit of Googling, I decided — why not? — let’s have a go at running one. So I put the call out on Twitter, and soon enough had a little list of interested parties:

That offer is still open. If you’re interested, send me a DM (or mention me if we’re not following) on Twitter. Eventually I’m going to cap the maximum number of players, just to preserve my sanity, but I have room for a few more!

It’ll be a Dungeons and Dragons fantasy world, but with a lot of player freedom; using the Advanced Labyrinth Lord rules in the background. I envisage each player controlling a small group of adventurers, say, 3 – 6 characters, each exploring and wheeling-dealing independently, but with the ability to band together and interact as they see fit. The ultimate in retro, artisanal hipster roleplaying.

I’ve been looking for a creative project, and this fits the bill nicely. It’s ridiculously nerdy, it involves making things, there’ll no doubt be a lot of spreadsheets and tracking in the background for me — it checks all my boxes.

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