Planning and mapping

I got way more interest in my Play By Mail game than I was expecting, so now I have to get started! On my lunch hour today, I bought labels and envelopes. I just spent the evening drawing a section of the world map — it’s got some nice details but it maybe needs a second pass. I also rolled up some pre-generated characters for players to pick from, though I’m still thinking about how to present them to people. I want things to be easy to pick up for people who perhaps haven’t played a tabletop-style game before. Really, I just don’t want to have to be sending out pages and pages of the Labyrinth Lord rulebook — ideally players will be interacting by writing letters, not quoting rules and referring to statistics.

I also want a good portion of it — at least on my side — to be handwritten and hand drawn, but some of it might be best typed. The character selection sheets, for example, are basically a form that looks like it might work best as a table. And I do like the maps that Wesnoth produces. There’s room for all kinds of media in this project; the important detail is that it’s real and physical and in the post.

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