Diablo III, season 5 starts this Friday!

I just posted this recap of the upcoming season and patch 2.3 to Anook, so I’m also reposting it here.

Season 5 will begin on Friday, January 15 at:

  • 5:00 p.m. PDT in North America
  • 5:00 p.m. CEST in Europe
  • 5:00 p.m. KST in Asia

Typically patches arrive a day or two before the season starts. There’s loads of information about the new features coming in the official blog, but let me recap some of the best bits.

Greyhollow Island

A whole new zone is being added to Adventure Mode, featuring Blizzard’s experiment with non-linear storytelling. By completing bounties and exploring the environment, you’ll be able to uncover the history and ongoing story of the island.

Set Dungeons

By completing a 6-piece item set, you’ll be able to open a rift to a set dungeon specifically designed to test your skill and mastery of the set.

Empowered Rifts

After a trip through Greed’s Realm, no doubt you’ll be swimming in gold with nothing to spend it on — so now you can pay Orek to Empower a Greater Rift. The difficulty goes up a notch, but should you complete the rift, you’ll gain an extra chance at upgrading your legendary gems. Which will come in handy for this next one…

New Kanai’s Cube recipe: Caldesann’s Despair

A legendary gem plus three Flawless Royal gems will allow you to add bonus main stat to an Ancient legendary item. Weapons require a rank 30 legendary gem, jewellery a rank 40, and armour a rank 50 legendary gem. Each rank grants +5 main stat, so that’s potentially +250 main stat (at a minimum — level your gems higher for greater bonuses!) per armour slot!

Plus all the usual updates…

…new legendaries (which are no longer season exclusives!), reworked set bonuses, and an updated Season Journey. Plus some new quality of life features, like being able to “rebirth” a hero into the Season (resetting their level), new cosmetic rewards, and so on.

Enjoy, Nephalem, and search for the newly-created “Anook” community in-game if you want to hang out and chat :)

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