Greater Rift 45

The other night I cracked Greater Rift 45 (which is equivalent to Torment X, the highest selectable difficulty level) with my Witch Doctor, Omorose. It wasn’t actually all that tough, and I’m definitely getting better at the twitch of avoiding projectiles and effects; pretty much every attack made by an enemy is an instant-death for me now. I know a pair of Unity rings between my follower and I would help, but all of my ring abilities are taken up — I use the Focus and Restraint set, and a Ring of Royal Grandeur in my Kanai’s Cube slot. I suppose I could wear an extra piece of the Zunimassa set to free up the Cube slot; I’ve plenty of them stashed away.

It’s left me casting about for some new goals, as Torment X / GR45 was about as far as I ever thought I’d get. This is what I have planned so far:

  • Reach Greater Rift 50 (might as well give it a go, eh?)
  • Get at least one stage further in Season 5 than I did in Season 4
  • Complete at least one Conquest in Season 5
  • Beat Malthael on Torment X difficulty

Of those, it’s only really the Conquest that I’m unsure about. I’ve had a few goes at Malthael, and while I haven’t managed it yet, it doesn’t seem so insurmountable that I don’t think I could ever do it. But the Conquests seem like a lot of repeated effort for not a huge amount of reward. The listing from the Season 5 PTR doesn’t look particularly appealing:

  • Sprinter: Complete Act 1 through 5 within one hour
  • Speed Racer: Complete Act 1 through 5 within one hour on Hardcore mode
  • Avarice: Complete a 50M gold streak while out of the Vault and Inner Sanctum
  • Avaritia: Avarice on Hardcore mode
  • The Thrill: Reach GR45 without any set item equipped
  • Super Human: Reach GR45 without any set item equipped on HC mode
  • Years of War: Reach GR55 with bonuses from 6 class sets
  • Dynasty: Years of War on HC mode
  • Masters of the Universe: Master 8 set dungeons
  • Masters of Sets: Master 8 set dungeons on Hardcore mode

All of those sound to me like a massive pain. I could probably do The Thrill, but I’m really not sure about the others. Sprinter and Speed Racer don’t have a difficulty level listed, so presumably I could attempt to blast through the story on Normal and basically never stop moving. All of the others that seem doable, but they’d require levelling and gearing several characters over the season in order to collect enough different sets to take into GR55 or the set dungeons. I suppose I could do that, but it would mean a lot of play time. I do play a lot of Diablo III, but I’m not sure I play that much.

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