Patch 2.4.0 Set Dungeons

The latest Diablo III patch is live!

So far the only thing I’ve looked at is the Zunimassa’s Haunt set dungeon on my Witch Doctor, and I haven’t mastered it yet. It’s really fun though, and kind of reminds me of doing the healing Proving Grounds in World of Warcraft — you’re performing the actions that you normally do, but due to the entirely artificial challenge, it’s not quite the same and requires a slight tweak of the play style.

The Zunimassa set dungeon requires you to kill all the enemies present while capturing the vast majority of them within the area of effect of Grasp of the Dead, and also not allowing any of them into melee range. So far, it’s always the melee range thing that trips me up — a stray mob will wander up from the side and make me fail. I’ll get there. It’s fun and it’s nicely tuned, and I’m sure I’ll crack it after a couple more tries.

One thing that I wasn’t expecting is that the set dungeons are located out in the world. I was expecting them to be an extension of the Nephalem rift obelisk, or perhaps a new dialogue option from Orek. Instead, you have to go out and find them — or take a look at this image that lists them all.

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