Do I really have to catch them all?

I usually have two games on the go at the same time: one at home, and one on my phone for playing during my commute. I just got my phone back from being repaired (I actually received a new stock handset, which was nice) so I got myself set up with My Boy! again and installed Pokémon: Leaf Green.

I spent a bit of time last year playing Pokémon: Omega Ruby, and while I really enjoyed it, I found that I really disliked using the 3DS. I didn’t like having a new device to keep charged and on my person. It’s too big to fit in a pocket comfortably, and I don’t always take a bag to work with me. Would you just listen to all these first world problems I’m having here? I want to play videogames.

Luckily, emulated Game Boy Advance Pokémon on my phone neatly solves all these issues, and really turns the game into the perfect mobile game. State saving means you can pick it up and put it down immediately, and the ability to fast-forward means merrily skipping through some of the grind.  Yes, that’s kind of cheating, but I really don’t care. I’m not going to be doing any save scumming, but I will definitely be abusing the fast-forward button.

I’ve named my rival Matt, after my friend Matt, who might be joining me by playing Fire Red, and picked Bulbasaur for my starter, because I have a soft spot for grass-type Pokémon. I’ve walked over to Pewter City, the site of the first Gym, but I haven’t attempted it yet. I think I’ve caught one of everything along the way, though other than a Pikachu that doesn’t really mean much. I honestly don’t know if I’m going to bother with catching ’em all; for now all really want is to get the storyline complete. I’ve played many, many hours of Pokémon across various titles and platforms, and I’ve never finished one — I’m hoping that in this format, I might be able to stick it through to the end.

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